As many of you know, our association building was flooded in mid-August of 2016. We are so grateful for all of the donations that are making it possible for us to restore our building. We are especially grateful to the Hungarian Human Rights Foundation who coordinated a worldwide fundraising campaign for us, not once, but twice! We would also like to thank the Hungarian Initiatives Foundation who raised funds for us.

Árpádhon Hungarian Settlement Cultural Association

The (AHSCA)  is based in a rural ethnic community known asHungarian Settlement. It is located in eastern Livingston Parish, Louisiana due south of a small town called Albany. Louisiana Highway 43 runs north-south through the heart of Hungarian Settlement. Interstate 12 passes through the center of the community in an east-west direction. This ethnic enclave, once known as Árpádhon, contains many of the descendants of the early Magyar settlers who immigrated there near the turn of the twentieth century. At the present time, residents are striving to preserve at least some of the Hungarian culture of their ancestors, though much has changed over the past hundred years since the origin of this unique community.

    hungarian settlement historical markerThe purpose of the AHSCAwebsite is to provide information, not only about this organization, but also about the community of which it is a part. The AHSCA is aregistered non-profit organization.

Visible clues are evident that Hungarian Settlement does indeed  exist in the Albany-Springfield area of Livingston Parish, Louisiana. For example, a sign erected by the Louisiana Tourist Commission (pictured left) is located where La. Hwy. 43 intersects with Interstate 12 at exit 32. There are several other indications in this community that a Hungarian Settlement exists there. On La. Hwy. 43, the north and south entrances of this rural ethnic community are designated by two large green highway signs that proudly display the words,"HUNGARIAN SETTLEMENT."